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I attended Pharmaceutical Medicine Vs Natural Medicine; Get the Facts! given by the extremely experienced, knowledgeable, articulate and innovative local naturopath, Venus Bergner…huge number of insights!

Henry Shires, St Kilda News, May 2015

I have had a weight issue since childhood and over the years, despite every diet under the sun, have never permanently been able to keep weight off. Excess weight coupled with my emotional battles meant I was low in self esteem and often depressed. Venus was the fundamental key that lead to my current happiness, both within myself and on the outside. Her naturopathic tools and intuitive guidance helped me finally defeat my weight and emotional problems and I have now kept this weight off for almost a year. I am so grateful for the naturopathic healing I experienced as I am now a happy, fit and healthy woman who has started a new chapter in life, thank-you so much Venus.

Dalia Levy, Caulfield, Victoria

During the Start Up Natural Fat Loss consults I learned quite a lot about nutrition in general but the most important thing I took away was the impact that all that refined sugar was having on my body. I dropped around 3% body fat which has brought me to my ideal goal. Once I saw results it was easy to stick to the new eating habits.Changing my mindset about what I thought was healthy food has helped me immensely. I still stick to most of the eating habits I picked up from you. Thank you Venus.

Sam, Melbourne, Victoria

Start Up – Natural Fat Loss was my first trial of a low carbohydrate diet with the full awareness of what I was doing. The overall experience was life changing! The information was easy to understand, and the content provided met my expectations. The results were increased awareness, understanding and confidence in the relationship between myself and my body. It was a really comfortable, warm and motivational experience that has been invaluable to the life changes I have made and will continue to make. I recommend this program to others!

Chloe Brown, Melbourne, Victoria

Thank you Venus! Thanks for the knowledge, wisdom, support, understanding and friendliness during the Clear Skin treatment program. My persistant adult acne has now cleared on my face and my digestive system is happy and balanced once more. Overall you are a wonderful naturopath Venus. Thank you.

Jess Stone, Caulfield

Earlier this year my one and a half year old son, Harley fell ill with a cold, which turned into 3 and ½ months of cold and chest infections. Over Easter at its worst, we had two days in emergency with high temperatures of 40.1 degrees. We were later sent on our way with antibiotics, Nurofen and Panadol. Two weeks later after slight improvement, he started again with the high temp and similar symptoms, I visited my GP and was prescribed another lot of antibiotics, I felt a little upset as I thought we had just taken a huge volume of antibiotics and I didn’t see how within such a small space of time he could get so sick again. I reluctantly gave him the medication. He picked up again. However you guessed it he fell unwell again. This time with a very severe cough and had a lot of fluid on his lungs, he sounded like a train when he took in a breath. In late May I spoke withVenus (naturopath) and told her of Harley’s last few months, medication and that I was concerned as he had started breaking out with eczema, at this stage it was a couple of spots. She prescribed some natural medications including supplements, herbal medicine and homoeopathics and I started him on this.

In July I was noticing that his eczema was getting a little worse, he had a couple of spots on his chest, then they appeared on his stomach, and then on his back. Then one Saturday night I was getting ready to bath Harley, I had taken note that his cheeks were very red, he had a slight temp and I had put it down to teething as he had teeth coming down. I took his clothes of and nearly fell of my stool, his back and stomach legs and arms were covered (please see photos). I wasn’t sure what I should do, my husband and I decided we would take him to the GP just to be sure it was eczema and not a rash or some other medical condition. The GP looked over him and diagnosed him with Atopic Ezcema, she prescribed hydro cortisone cream, I didn’t get the cream from the pharmacy, as I didn’t want to use it.

On the Monday following this GP consultation I spoke with Venus again I showed her some photos and she prescribed natural medicines as well as dietary guidelines. To our amazement within 7 days his eczema had cleared up all the spots over his stomach, back and cheeks had disappeared. We continued on the treatment plan for a total of 45-50 days. Now Harley has beautiful skin his cheeks, tummy, chest, back is all clear. We have a couple of dry patches on his thighs but over all his eczema has improved immensely.

Rowena Marinucci, Melbourne

Thanks Venus, I’ve been to many Naturopaths through my life and the services provided more than met my expectations. My overall experience was excellent. Nurturing, informative and educative and most of all it made me well.Venus, please accept my thanks and gratitude again for your help with my digestive system … it’s very glad I ever came to see you! And just some feedback for you … you are an excellent practitioner. I love the level of information you have given me, and the accessibility between appointments. And I particularly love that I don’t have a parasite or any bad bacteria any more. The digestive troubles I came to you for were fixed. My digestion is better than it had been for over ten years!

Annie Edney, Northcote, Victoria

Venus, Thank you for your help this year. Things are going well – making small lifestyle changes as time goes by all of which are improving my skin.

Paul, Melbourne, Victoria

Have not had a coldsore outbreak since starting treatment, so that’s great and thank you very much.

Glen, Melbourne, Victoria

I was searching for help, someone who could advise me what was the cause of my problem and how to treat it. And that’s exactly what I got first time round. My experience was very satisfying, and my treatment results were successful first time. Venus, I would more than willing to provide any constructive criticism if any, as I understand it is essential in improving practices, however I don’t have any. You are reliable, knowledgeable, professional, caring. I have been so happy to have found you as my naturopath and so happy I have you to go to for health related advice.

Kate Green, Melbourne, Victoria

Venus has exceeded my expectations. She is always very friendly and genuinely interested in helping me to achieve my goals. So far I have had good results from the various treatment programs I have undertaken. I am absolutely thrilled with the progress I am making. The care and interest Venus has taken in me is much appreciated. I would definitely recommend this service to others.

Bernadette Ferrari, Hawthorn, Victoria